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Deterring spam by suppressing return receipts in Lotus Notes client

Posted on December 13, 2006 by daviding

The spam filters into IBM seem pretty good, so I don’t get nearly as much spam as on my private e-mail IDs. Today, I opened a message in my inbox that I thought might be spam. It generated a return receipt, and since I unfortunately wasn’t in “island” mode, a message got returned to the spammer that I had opened the note.

I’m relatively savvy on spam deterrence. I maintain multiple e-mail addresses as personas. (I learned this from my sons. These are ways of maintaining gradients of intimacy). Some e-mail addresses are redirection IDs, so at least I know where I’m getting spam generated from. Thus, I annoyed myself on contributing to increasing my own spam.

I found a solution on Rocky Oliver’s “Lotus Geek” blog. In the mid-1990s, I was working around Lotus Notes a lot, and got training to the level of a Notes 4 developer. (This was certainly a benefit of having some amount of corporate training!) I haven’t kept up my Notes coding skills, but the instructions to modify an Inbox template using Domino Designer took me less than 5 minutes to implement.

I think that return receipt notification — at least on external e-mail messages — something that is instituted as a standard on corporate e-mail!

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  1. Simon says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to “Go to the Actions pane in the Inbox folder design in Designer” as described in the “Lotus Geek” blog … so I found an alternative, posted by “Notes Goddess” at
    It’s easy to implement in Designer.

    The result: if you open an message with a return receipt set, a dialog box asks if you’d like to send the receipt or remove it.

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