2006/08/30 13:55 "KIBS Track"

2006/08/30 13:55 "KIBS Track", SEM 2006, HUT

Services Engineering and Management Summer School, Helsinki University of Technology, August 28-September 2

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Presentation first, then discussion

Arja Hallberg, "Exploring Impact on the Interconnected Relationships in a Network Setting"

Arja Hallberg, Swedish School of Economics, started the program last September

Relationship marketing and service management


Relationship marketing as a new paradigm

  • Marketing as process that covers all parts of the business, about fulfilling customer promises
  • How to operate, why are we here

Network economy, but the business environment starts as an aggregate

Relationship marketing, focused on dyadic and multilateral relationships

Use Capra's Triad: pattern, then process, then structure

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