C2. Innovation

Innovation in a subworld manifests as the disclosing of a new style of situated practice.


This view of innovation is consistent with a practice-based philosophy, consistent with the Denning & Dunham (2006) view that innovation is ....

the observation that "a group or community has adopted a new practice".Denning & Dunham (2006), p. 48.

By practice, we mean as, Brown & Duguid (2000) say, "the activity involved in getting work done".Brown & Duguid (2000), p. 97: ... while process is clearly important to the overall coherence of an organization, in the end it is the practice of the people who work in the organization that brings process to life, and indeed, life to process. Organizations, then should not attend to the process and process-related explanations only. They must also attend to practice. By practice, of course, we do not mean the sort of rote exercises people associate with phrases like piano practice. Rather we mean the activity involved in getting work done — the sort of activity that lies at the heart of medical practice or legal practice ....

But where does the innovation come from?