D2.1 Description

Internal use, http://w3.webahead.ibm.com/ict/

What is ICT?

ICT is a set of tools (plugins) that enable instant broadcast messaging to your communities on a number of different levels.

What are the plugins and what can they do for me?

  • ICT Instant Messaging
    • Instant Messaging Hub - a robust instant messaging client that provides partner details (persona info!) directly in your IM window, supports BlueGroups (you can add dynamic BlueGroups to your buddy list!), and alerts you when your colleague appears online.
  • ICT one-to-many community interaction: ICT Broadcast Suite leveraged publish subscribe (pub/sub) technology and took you a step further than instant messaging. Your message, your poll, and your request for help reached an entire listening community instantly.
    • FreeJam - instant townhall discussions.
    • Instant Poll - instant polls; instant anonymous results. Now
    • SkillTap - instant broadcasts for help; instant solutions to your problems. Now available in Sametime 7.5!
    • TeamRing - instant web presentations.
    • w3alert - instant alerts for events, announcements, upgrades, outages, reboots... and afternoon coffee. Now available in Sametime 7.5!
  • ICT Knowledge Sharing and Alert Management
    • Question Search - natural language queries search multiple knowledge bases and return rated answers.
    • IBM BluePages Directory Plugin - search the IBM corporate directory with a variety of attributes (internet address, Name, Notes Address, etc), AND, check out the BluePages info on your chat partners directly from IMHub. Now available in a basic form in Sametime 7.5!
    • Alert Manager - Define where your alerts appear, what they sound like - you're in control!
  • ICT Voice Over IP (VOIP) support
    • Voicejam: Turn your instant message or FreeJam into a on demand conference call - right on your computer. Brand new with the latest ICT release! Now available in Sametime 7.5!

Sametime 7.5, at http://www-142.ibm.com/software/sw-lotus/products/product3.nsf/wdocs/sametimefuture

IBM Lotus Sametime is built on the Eclipse open source framework, so users get access to new "plug-in" capabilities, like audio/video extensions, "mapping" applications and corporate calendar integration.

Lotus Sametime 7.5's new Web conferencing user interface makes it easier to create and manage Web conferences, will give multiple presenters the ability to edit/modify presentations on the fly and will automatically reconnect users who get disconnected due to a network disruption or disconnection.

Businesses can tap into the collective knowledge of their employees through instant polls, focused broadcasts to members of a specific community, context-sensitive chat rooms and the automated capture and storage of ad-hoc information that can be searched for future reference.