E2.2 Licensing

Common Public License (IBM), 2002, June 1 (revised 2004, September 24)

"What is the relationship between the IBM Public License (IPL) and the Common Public License (CPL)?

The IPL was IBM's first Open Source license. The CPL is essentially the next version of the IPL."

"Is the CPL approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI)?

Yes, the CPL has been approved. Version 0.5 was approved in May 2001. Version 1.0, which corrected a minor typographical error, was posted on the OSI site in June 2002. The IPL was approved in August 1999. See the complete list of OSI-approved licenses."

Can I take a Program licensed under the CPL, compile it without modification, and commercially license the result?

Yes. You may compile a Program licensed under the CPL without modification and commercially license the result in accordance with the terms of the CPL.

Do I need to include the source code for such Program with the object code distribution?

No. But you do need to include a statement that the source code is available from you and information on how to obtain it. (DeveloperWorks_2004-09-24)