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Full version: “Rethinking Systems Thinking: Learning and coevolving with the world”, Aalto University, 2012/11/26

Posted on April 01, 2013 by daviding

A guest lecture on systems thinking for the Creativity Sustainability program at Aalto University provided an opportunity to stretch out on the plenary presentation that I had given at ISSS 2012.  In San Jose last July, plenary speakers (including myself) were constrained to 45 minute slots preceding dialectic panelists.  In Helsinki in November, the luxury of time allowed me to explain the ideas more fully.  The lecture took 85 minutes, and was then followed by a question and answer session.

Rehinking Systems Thinking

Versions of the web video can be viewed on Youtube, or viewed or downloaded at , at 480x272p, 720x400p, and 1280x720p.  The video shoot and post-production editing of the lecture was done by Seungho Lee, on behalf of the Creative Sustainability program.

The presentation on “Rethinking Systems Thinking” is probably the most comprehensive talk that I’ve given (and may ever give).  It is a personal perspective on systems, gained since the attending my first ISSS meeting in 1998 — that’s 14 years with the society.  My focus has recently shifted from the international audience to the local audience around Toronto, with Systems Thinking Ontario.  Systems thinking can be doled out in smaller chunks.  Over the Internet, viewers may choose to use the pause button.

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9 to “Full version: “Rethinking Systems Thinking: Learning and coevolving with the world”, Aalto University, 2012/11/26”

  1. Great to see your lectures also online.

    I’ve missed to see and hear your thinking beyond just blogpostings.

  2. Mushin MW says:

    Brilliant presentation in my assessment and relevant design considerations I am currently involved with the Lakota people and nation. I smiled deeply at your declaration of David Hawk being the master of creative destruction of the status quo in the systems thinking universe.
    Thanks Mushin

  3. Do you have your presentation PDF available somewhere? It would help following on the talks a bit as well as how to follow up on these thoughts.

    I thoroughly appreciate your effort on condensing large volumes of thought and research into such presentation. Brilliant stuff.

  4. David Ing says:

    Hi, Heimo. Yes, the slides are available at , in both printable and original source.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the video. Thanks really goes to Seungho Lee, who took the time for postproduction. (I’m the bottleneck on getting all of the rest of the ISSS content onto the web!)

  5. Heimo Laukkanen says:

    Thanks David for the link.

    Are all the San Jose papers and talks coming online in some near future? That is awesome!

    Quick question regarding the ISS membership and optional discount for additional magazines. As I’ve been looking with interest both what happens in ISS and the Emergence: Complexity & Organization, is the discount how much?

  6. Joseph Simpson says:

    Is a PDF of the presentation available?

    How about a topic graph?

    Need to gain a quick understanding of the material.

  7. daviding says:

    Joseph, yes there’s a PDF version of the presentation available at

  8. Hi David, excellent presentation, I has deepen my understanding of Systems Thinking, I would like to take some of your courses, in which program do you teach at UT?
    Best, Monica

  9. daviding says:

    Monica, thanks for asking about my teaching. My primary career direction hasn’t primarily been to teach at universities, although I occasionally lecture as a visitor.

    The most recent significant pedagogical work that I’ve done was documented as “Systems Thinking Courses in the Master’s Programme on Creative Sustainability at Aalto University: Reflections on Design and Delivery of the 2010-2011 Sessions” at .

    The lecture you viewed is part of a pattern of my travel, which repeated in Finland, Oslo and UK in 2013 at .

    When in Toronto, I participate at OCAD U. in Systems Thinking Ontario, at .

    The best way to keep track of activities in the Systems Thinking Community is in the Systems Sciences Community at .

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