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Want your eyes and hands free? Have this blog read to you!

Posted on January 08, 2010 by daviding

As much as I read content from the web — either through a feed reader (I’m currently favouring RssOwl) or a browser (I read with Firefox, and post comments with Flock and Cocomment) — there are times when I want my eyes and hands to be free.  I maintain a queue of MP3 audio recordings on a Creative Zen V for listening when walking or driving, and subsequently report on lectures and interview worth noting on the Media Input Queue blog.

The content on this Coevolving Innovations blog is text intensive — people who prefer photos are better to follow the Distractions, Reflections blog — so I have sympathies for readers who find the length tedious.

I was following through on some dialogue on mentoring from Sacha Chua (@sachac) to a blog post by Brian O’Donovan on social software (@bodonovan).  I noticed he had a “Listen” button on the entry, so I pressed it … triggering an automated reading of the content in a woman’s voice. This experiment gave me a close-to-perfect reproduction of the text content (and I could guess the meaning of the mispronunciations).

Following through the links, I discovered ReadSpeaker webReader, which originated as a service for the visually impaired.  For personal web sites, webSpeaker Free is an ad-supported service (with pre and/or post audio, and banners in the player).  It took me less than ten minutes to install on this WordPress blog (as one of the benefits of self-hosting on my own domain).

I noticed that Brian preferred a female voice with a British accent.  I’ve tried that, and the American male voice, and somehow find the American female voice the easiest to my ear.

The structure of WordPress plugins makes adding and removing ReadSpeaker webReader easy, so the added function will be another natural experiment over time.

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  1. Minna Takala says:

    This is really cool!! Thank you for sharing,
    I can imagine this feature becoming popular,
    for many reasons with mobile devices you could
    listen to blogs like songs…

  2. Wow! This is amazing. I knew that Sacha was going to prove to be a good mentor, but I didn’t realise that I was going to become part of a network where we all teach each other.

    I don’t really know much about ReadSpeaker, but like you I just noticed it one someone else’s blog and found it reall easy to add to mine. So far, I think it is a realy cool service.

    I don’t know how many people click on the listen links on my blog – in fact I would love to know if there wasa way to find that out.

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