See the original program for more information on SEM 2006.

These digests do not comprise a complete view of the summer school.  In addition to the plenary sessions, there were three parallel tracks: health care services, industrial services, and knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS).  These digests trail the KIBS track.

(Digital audio recordings of this event were made.  Contact David Ing for more information).

Time Speaker Slides / Digest
08/28 09:30 Paul Lillrank, "Towards a Service Engineering and Management Framework: Process Perspectives on Services" [text digest]
08/28 11:15 Valerie Mathieu, "Services Strategies within the Manufacturing Sector" [text digest]
08/28 13:45 KIBS track:  "Introductions" (no digest)
08/28 13:55 KIBS track: Marja Toivonen, "From Professional Services to KIBS" [text digest]
08/28 15:20 KIBS track: Tea Lempiala, "Innovative Work Community" (no digest)
08/29 09:30 Ashok Agarwal, "Equity in Health Services: Issues and Challenges" [text digest]
08/29 11:20 Som Garimella, "Indian Pharmaceutical Value Chain: Opportunities and Challenges" [text digest]
08/29 13:35 Karita Ilvonen, "Towards eHealth Services" [text digest]
08/29 14:55 KIBS track:  Marja Toivonen, "Innovations in KIBS as Examples of Service Innovations" [text digest]
08/30 09:20 Alok Chakrabarti, "Technology and Innovation in the Services: Some Issues and Research Needs" [text digest]
08/30 11:15 Marja Toivonen, "Services Supporting Innovation: The KIBS Perspective" [text digest]
08/31 13:55 KIBS track: Anssi Smedlund, "Networks, Innovation, Services" (no digest)
08/31 15:20 KIBS track: Ian Miles, "Knowledge Intensive Business Services: Links to the Service Base" [text digest]
08/31 16:45 KIBS track: Arja Hallberg, "Exploring Impact on the Interconnected Relationships in a Network Setting" (no digest)
09/01 09:40 KIBS track: David Ing, "Innovation in Service Business Ecosystems (1)" (no digest)
09/01 11:20 KIBS track: David Ing, "Innovation in Service Business Ecosystems (2)" (no digest)
09/01 12:05 KIBS track: Ian Miles, "Synthesis" (no digest)
09/01 16:40 Ian Miles, "Services, Innovation and R&D" [text digest]
09/02 11:05 Marko Lepola, "Services at Nokia Networks" (no digest)
12:55 p.m.
KIBS track: Groupwork summary preparation [text digest]
 1:40 p.m.
 2:55 p.m.
Groupwork reports [text digest]

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2006/08/28-09/02 Service Engineering and Management Summer School, Helsinki University of Technology