UC Berkeley - Tekes "Innovation in Services Conference", April 26-28, 2007, Haas School of Business, Berkeley, California

See the announcement at U.C. Berkeley.

Time Speaker Slides / Digest
04/27 08:00 Henry Chesbrough, "Welcome" [text digest and photograph]
04/27 08:45 David Teece, "Managing Dynamic Capabilities and Expert Talent in Today's Global Economy" [text digest and photograph] (second section)
04/27 10:10 Panel on "The Challenge of Managing Services in a Global Economy"
  • AnnaLee Saxenian, Berkeley
  • Wayne Dai, Verisilicon
  • Henry Tirri, Nokia
  • Anssi Rantasalo, Kemppi Oy
[text digest and photograph]
04/27 11:20 Stephen Pratt, "Innovation and Management in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services" [text digest and photograph]
04/27 13:40 Panel on "Innovation and Management in Services within an Industry"
  • David Tennenhouse, Amazon
  • Kaj Hedvall, Senate Prope0rties,
  • Suvi Anttila, Pöyry Forest 
[text digest and photograph]
04/27 15:15 Panel on "Technology Issues in Creating and Delivering Knowledge Intensive Business Services"
  • Robert Glushko, UC Berkeley
  • Dennis Browne, SAP Labs
  • Lasse Mitronen, Kesko Oy
[text digest and photograph]
04/27 16:25 Panel on "Customer Perspectives on Services Innovations"
  • Stephen Ezell, Peer Insight
  • Jim Marsden, HP
  • Ursal Oesterle, Swisscom Mobile
  • Jaakko Villa, Villa Academica Oy
[text digest and photograph]
04/27 17:25 Jim Spohrer, "Steps Toward a Science of Service Systems" [text digest and photograph]
04/28 08:30 Papers on "Services in the 21st Century Economy"
  • “Services Innovation in the 21st Century”, by Goldhar, Braunstein and Berg
  • “Information Services in the US Economy”, Apte, Karmarkar, and Nath
  • “Creating new markets through service innovation”, by Leonard L. Berry, Venkatesh Shankar, Janet Turner Parish, Susan Cadwallander, Thomas Dotzel
  • “The Service Myopia: New Recipe for Client-Provider Value Creation”, by Möller, Rajala, and Westerlund
[text digest and photographs]
04/28 10:30 Papers on "Applying Services to Business"
  • Service-Logic Innovations: How to Innovate Customers, Not Products”, Michel, Brown, and Gallan
  • “Managing Service Ideas and Suggestions – Information Systems in Innovation Brokering”, Ahonen and Lietsala
  • “Service Innovation Using Design Patterns”, by Robert Glushko and Christo Sims
  • “Service Blueprinting: A Practical Tool for Service Innovation”, by Bitner, Ostrom, and Morgan
[text digest and photographs]
04/28 13:00 Papers on "Service Innovation in Software and Financial Services"
  • “eInsurance – Novel Services in the Electronic Environment”, by Ahonen, Salonen, Kivisto-Rahnasto, Jarvinen, and Silius
  • “Building SaaS Business on Top of Open Source – Economic and Legal Considerations, by Oksanen, Helander, Seppanen, Puhakka, and Laine
  • "Issues in Shifting from a Product-Based Business Model to a Service-Based Model", by Mironov
  • “Services Innovation: Sourcing In Lessons from True Professionals”, by Antti Ainamo and Marc Ventresca
[text digest and photographs]
04/28 14:50 Papers on "Hybrid Innovation and New Product Development in a Services Context"
  • Hybrid Innovation Management – Lessons Learned from Mobile TV Development”, by Kirsimarja Blomqvist, Kaisa Henttonen, Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, and Paavo Ritala
  • “Creating and Managing Hybrid Innovations”, by Shankar, Berry, and Dotzel
  • “New Product Creation Process of KIBS Firms: A Case Study”, by Salmi, Torkkeli, Ojanen, and Hilmola
  • “Innovation Processes In Professional Business Service Firms: Their Drivers, Nature And Management Challenges”, by Marja Toivonen and Anssi Smedlund
[text digest and photographs]

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2007/04/26-28 UC Berkeley - Tekes "Innovation in Services" Conference