From the UKSS Conference 2009 Abstract of Posters and Workshops:

Conversations on an Emerging Science of Service Systems

David Ing and others

Relevance to the Conference Theme (Systems Research: Lessons from the Past - Progress for the Future)

The science of service systems is a new research area for the 21st century. As a foundation, we draw on the legacy of service sciences developed in the 20th century, exploring the relevance and applicability to challenges on the near horizon.

Type of Interactive Activity:

The session will follow a conversational format (compatible with the vision of Bela Banathy). The conversation will open with a summary of the progress to date (i.e. directions from the original description as presented at ISSS Brisbane in July 2009). During the meeting, visual descriptions (i.e. maps and models) will be constructed.

How the Activities Will Be Facilitated:

Members of the core research team (Kyoichi Jim Kijima, Gary Metcalf, Allenna Leonard and Jennifer Wilby) have been encouraged to attend UKSS 2009. They will serve as the "organizational memory", and build on the learnings to date in conversation. Attendees of UKSS meeting will also be welcomed in the conversation as extended contributors, to keep the dialogue rich.

Workshop participants

David Ing (facilitator), Gary Metcalf, Jennifer Wilby


David Ing, "Conversations on an Emerging Science of Service Systems", presented at the UK Systems Society International Conference, St. Anne's College, Oxford, September 2, 2009.


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2009/09/02 Conversations on an Emerging Science of Service Systems