David Ing


We're wanting to capitalize on exposing you to systems thinking tools, practices, and techniques that let you visualize and understand system interactions. This time we'll be delving into the world of COMPLEXITY and WICKED PROBLEMS, which tend to emerge when we try to solve problems together as a group or team, and how to tame them using an interactive facilitation technique known as Dialogue Mapping.

We will look at the IBIS (Issue Based Information System) visual language that allows us to "map" group conversations so we can better understand problems rather than personalities, while promoting collaboration. As usual, expect some hands-on work to help the learning along!

Joining us on this journey will be Systems Thinking Ontario founder, David Ing, who will help us understand the roots of complexity thinking, and some of its key proponents, and where IBIS is being learned and used today.


David Ing, "Wicked problems, IBIS, and a timeline of parallel systems thinking", SystemsThinkingTO S2E2, Toronto, February 22, 2018.


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2018/02/22 Wicked problems, IBIS, and a timeline of parallel systems thinking