David Ing with Peter Jones


There's a multitude of ways to conduct dialogues. Which approach will be most appropriate towards attaining desired outcomes among different groups? This DwD will dip into systems thinking for some foundations, with an overview of C. West Churchman's design of inquiring systems. With these foundations, participants (dialogue designers) will sharpen their appreciation of alternative modes and techniques. More open dialogic approaches might (or might not) be preferred over more bounded and structured approaches, under different conditions. Theory will be translated into reflective practice through group exercises.

The content for the DwD session will be at the intersection of dialogic design and systems thinking. This session will be co-led by Peter Jones and David Ing.


David Ing, "The Meta-design of Dialogues as Inquiring Systems", Design with Dialogue , at OCAD University, January 11, 2012.


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2012/01/11 The Meta-design of Dialogues as Inquiring Systems