David Ing


Are there features in alternative advanced technological media that might enable or disable the generation of wholeness (also known as life in The Nature of Order, and quality without a name in The Timeless Way of Building)?

The seminal books of Christopher Alexander have been published only in the 19th century sequential medium of paper.

In 1995, Ward Cunningham invented the C2 wiki to allow the pages of the Portland Pattern Repository to be interlinked on the web and enable collaborative editing on the Internet.

The thesis of this focus session for PLoP 2018 is that tools (and media) through which pattern language is represented may inhibit authors from aspiring to systemic pursuits, as well as discouraging the community from easily sharing collective learning.

The focus session is to be conducted as a participatory workshop on October 24. Discussion amongst the participants are to be summarized and included in the final proceedings publication.


David Ing, "Representing Generative Wholeness with Pattern Language",  Outline for a focus session at PLoP (Pattern Languages of Programming) Conference 2018 .


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2018/10/24 Representing Generative Wholeness with Pattern Language: A focus session at PLoP 2018