Services Engineering and Management Summer School, Helsinki University of Technology, August 28-September 2

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Groupwork discussion

Robert as our reporting person

What has the group learned during this week?

Ian: Would like to think about solutions, rather than providing services.

  • Solutions are part of management philosophy, but not part of the academic language.
    • Can we learn by this?
    • If it's useful for business, we need to understand why.
    • Emphasis on customer's customers
  • It's in the KIBS literature
    • Difference between going along, i.e. we have a problem this before and can solve it, as opposed to jointly solving the literature.
  • Solution-centered approach, versus commodization
  • Can broaden to similar solutions, rather than a customized solutions
  • Two ideas:
  • Customer side added, rather than just the product
  • Service within a service, a systemic element

Ian: solutioneering, rather than solution engineering

Tarja: service innovation, Schumpeterian innovation that includes the customer

  • Guidelines and/or tools when thinking about service innovation

Arja: have found a focus for thesis work

Tinna: listening to different types of presentation, nice to hear about other types of services

  • Still have difficulty in discussing the SEM perspective

David: a working definition of service innovaiton, as a base

M: Service development and service provider, as compared to just the customer side

Anssi: Service concept from industrial point of view very different from professional services

  • Is service science a field of its own, or is something old put into a new context?
  • Researchers like what they do now, and they just take what they've done before rather than bringing new innovative ways to looking

Alok: Blurring of the demarcation between product and service

  • Idea that goods and services are different
  • Discussion with Valerie that products also have intangibles wrapped in
  • More and more manufacturers aren't providing a product, but are manufacturers providing a service
    • Tim Sturgeon (MIT), not just bending metals
  • Service as similar to benefit?
    • Both goods and services provide services
    • Complicated discussion, from the 1970s
    • In specific manufacturer firms, all workers provide labour services

Ian: Three way distinction:

  • Products:  goods - services
  • Activities: manufacturing - services
  • Functions:  artifacts - services
  • All are transformations
  • Transform the state of artifacts, people and symbols
    • Symbolic transformation: knowledge transformation
    • Physical transformation: repair and maintenance, storage, transport
    • Organic, changing people: health, education

Alok: SEM has different perspectives, coming from different points of views

  • Uncertain about service innovation
  • Could be changes in the state, or the changes in the way you produce that state

Marja: Differentiation between product and process can be difficult in service innovation

  • Alok: eyeglasses vs. laser surgery
  • Marja: some services, where have back office and front office activities, can separate product from process, but in KIBS, can't separate
  • Based on Edvardsson:
    • Service as a concept, as a process, and as resources
    • Together, concept, process and resources provide value to the customer
    • Try to develop the value proposition
  • Example: customer not knowing whether a screw is included or not included
  • Alok: Ikea case for Indian executives don't like it, because there are 5 servants behind them
  • Marja has a problem with Edvardsson, would like to call the whole thing a concept
  • David: may look at IBM Global Services Method, as a comparison


Consulting methods:

  • Some will sell consulting more towards methods, and others will may methods murky

Marja: learned more about different types of services and service providers

  • Do need definitions, but need different types of tactics
  • It's not outsourcing that is important, but selective out-tasking, that is particularly important for KIBS
  • Same provider can provide services, as well as tools so that the customers can do it themselves
  • More is being outsourced, as core are less core, more brand as core
  • e.g. of out-tasking: an accounting company with services in M&A valuation, which then sold tools
  • We've been discussing products becoming services, but this could be services becoming products: asset-based consulting to tools

Robert:  learned two things

  • From David's presentation, services are highly contextual, so a systems approach is helpful
  • From Marja and Ian, R&D innovative activity is extremely limited, need more spontaneous

Question: How could the group collaborate in the future

  • Start an e-mail list
  • Write, make presentations and distribute
  • Meet again?  Friday, October 27
  • Marja will send a KIBS policy presentation that she's making in Spain
  • Tiina, Robert and Marja will work on a service model for the next meeting
  • Arja is planning on going to Umea to the Vargo and Lusch "Service Dominant Marketing"
  • David will work on a paper on Service and Theory of Practice
  • Anssi is going to Berkeley, and arranging a Finnish-American conference for March / April, with 40 spaces for Europeans
    • Opportunity to publish in California Management Review

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