Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Nick Donofrio, Executive Vice-President, Innovation and Technology, IBM Corporation

(Slide 1)

People move to where the opportunities are

Network ubiquity

Open standards

New business designs

(Slide 2: Innovation Defined)

National Innovation Initiative, a few years ago

Push doesn't work, pull does

Global Innovation Outlook: innovation as product and services, processes, and business models

(Slide: Why Innovation Matters)

Discussion with president of Vietnam

(Slide: The Changing Nature of Innovation)

Open, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, global

(Slide: Global Innovation Outlook)

IBM as largest patent holder, but it's not enough

Outlook for opportunities for innovation

(Slide: Global Innovation Outlook, Key Findings)

Are putting the patent applications online, so don't clog up the patent offices

(Slide: Commission on the Future of Higher Education)

At least got the discussion on higher education

Was only one of three industry people there:  industry consumes 75% of the universities' output

(Slide: The Commission Report)

Report title: "A Test of Leadership"

75% of the economies have GDP that are services-led

Have been putting money into physical sciences and life sciences, as we always have

  • Value is migrating

(Slide: The 21st Century Demands Uniquely-Skilled People)

A few years ago, universities said: got it, take MBAs and put them through business schools

  • Not sure that that's it

(Slide: Emergence of Services Science)

Industry will do other things, in addition to academics

(Slide: Investment in Services Innovation)

Study everything, or segment?


Remember, 50,000 people needed at IBM over the next 10 years

It could be a million people in industry

(Slide: Points to Consider)

Came to IBM when there was innovation: transistor to integrated circuits

More transistors on the earth now, than there are grains of rice

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2006/10/06 08:30 Nick Donofrio, "Innovating for Growth"