Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Dick Larson, Engineering Systems Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Operations management

  • High-rise buildings, elevator delays
  • Russ Ackoff sent a student
  • Typically, more elevator shafts
  • Problem isn't the delay in elevators, it's the complaints
  • Entertain them, instead, put in mirrors
  • Bringing ideas into engineering analysis
  • Not one theorem, but problem solved

ESD: at the intersection of management, engineering, social sciences

  • New center: Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals
  • Work on real problems
  • Different on service systems

1. U.S. Presidential Elections: Queue Wait Equity

  • Voting is participation in a government-offered service
  • True also in Zimbabwe, Afghan, Ohio
  • If someone balks and leaves, have a stealth disenfranchisement
  • Looking for funding, using the 2008 U.S. presidential election as data

Article in Christian Science Monitor: Heroic acts

2. Pandemic Influenza

  • Killed Americans more than any war
  • Social distancing and hygenic steps analysis
  • Working with STEM, open source software
  • For first 6 months, only control: won't have any vaccine
  • Then little

Boston Herald: National ill-prepared flu

  • Then published a year late in Boston Globe

3. Hurricane Preparedness and Response

  • With Ph.D. student Michael Metzger
  • Social science: the boy that cried wolf syndrome, if evaculation called that wasn't required

4. LINC = Learning International Networks Consortim

  • Students now getting education through computer and telecommunications technologies
  • Focus on helping developing countries get quality education in underserved communities

Educational implications

Educating doctoral students at the intersection of management, engineering and social sciences


Design for Ph.D. students?

  • Silos in schools of engineering, first course born in 1861; second course born in 1880
  • Experiment across faculties
  • 5-years old, Ph.D. program is 3 years old

Publications by young faculty, when journals looking for depth

  • Untenured junior faculty, recently tenured and long tenured
  • Let the research what ever is comfortable

How to bring real problems into the educational system

  • Have spun off many companies, and professors have consulting companies
  • Practicum includes summer jobs

Projects with graduate courses or undergraduate?

  • Not primarily graduate
  • However, Dan Hastings has moved from graduate programs to undergrad, sympathetic

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2006/10/06 09:10 Richard C. Larson, "Holistic Trinity of Services Sciences: Management, Social and Engineering Sciences"