Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Introduction by Racine Mitchell-St. Clair

Steven G. Allen,  North Carolina State University, "The IBM-SSME-NC State Fit"

Wall Street Journal Article: "Majoring in IBM"

Client: spent a lot of money acquiring customers, but didn't spend anything on maintaining them

  • Organization was functional
  • Government funded
  • It's universities

New entrants: private universities

Convenience matters

What to discuss how NC State handles this competitive environment

What makes the IBM - NC State partnership work?

IBM hires more graduates from NC State, than any other college in the U.S.

  • Cooperative research
  • Physical proximity is 15 minutes from campus, enables dialogue

NC State has had experience with interdisciplinary education, e.g. now starting up bioinformatics

Started quickly: developed from existing computer networking and MBA

Developed and delivered 5 new courses

  • IT services systesm
  • Networking systems
  • plus courses from existing tracks: people management, processes, strategy -- deeper than average engineering course

MBA students could have a relationship management focus, or a service innovation focus

Use projects in classroom as pedagogy

MS in computer networking

Center for Innovation Research

(Introduction of Yiannis Viniotis)

Key research areas:

  • Network services
  • IT services
  • Web services (as an intersection of the other two)

e.g. upgrades in frequency programs: if not full with gold, want to fill with silvers



  • Didn't start promotion until February
  • Trying to put together with other curriculum: supply chain, biotech
  • Close to technology companies, and competing against Duke in marketing and finance
  • Had a decline in part-time enrollment this fall, because Phoenix hit the area this year
  • This is something that Phoenix can't do: they'll beat us on price, and on delivery mechanisms

[9:55 break]

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2006/10/06 09:35 Steven G. Allen, "The IBM-SSME-NC State Fit"