Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Roland Rust, who usually runs the services conferences

  • University of Maryland
  • Also started Journal of Services Research

[Roland Rust]

Call for papers for Frontiers of Services Conference

Cost reduction vs. revenue expansion

  • Profit = revenues - costs
  • Cost reduction = productivity = efficiency = inwards focus (engineering, systems, operations view)
  • Revenue expansion = customer attraction and retention = customer choice = outward focus (marketing, psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology)

SSME is under-estimating the revenue side, which is a problem

Liebler and Sterman, Journal of Management Research:  too much attention to internal can lead to a downward spiral

Another issue:  Tradeoffs different from product manufacturing

  • Manufacturing:  productivity is usually correlated with satisfaction
  • Because service is more labour intensive, there's more of a trade-off between productivity and customer satisfaction

Strong emphasis on cost and revenues is less profitable

  • Need to think more about driving revenues
  • This is a people thing
  • How do we attract them, retain them

How do we get ROI from revenue expansion?

  • Companies mostly think about ROI from cost savings
  • ROI through revenue increases is a more complicated chain of effects:  need to model changes in attitude, etc.
  • Have to think about customer lifetime value
  • Sum that up, and it becomes the customer equity (Rust, Lemon and Zeithaml 2004)
  • Soft measures matter as much as hard measures

What should this imply in terms of grants and research funding?

  • NSF are really going through hard sciences and engineering, maintaining status quo
  • If have revenue-side funding, that's support for marketing and social sciences


  • SSME funding is too focused on the cost side
  • Need to increase attention to revenue expansion
  • Can only reduce cost to zero, but can increase revenues to infinity

SSME should be a big tent


Cake and eat it too?

  • Have to do both sides: improving efficiency is good, but need both sides

Political reality in Washington, where definition of science is limited

Big tent?

Supply chain problem: over-investing in the wrong part of the supply chain, get a problem

Relative emphasis?

  • Companies with revenue emphasis are most successful
  • Companies with a dual emphasis usually can't pull it off

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2006/10/06 11:40 Roland Rust, "SSME -- Let's Not Forget About Customers and Revenue"