Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Daniel Berg, RPI

Wrote a paper with James Tien, on which this talk is based

Department name has changed to Complex Engineering Systems

Small school, 400 faculty

  • Problem: had a few faculty, all in different parts of institutes
  • Faculty made a play to get some scale by joining people together
  • Were SME before we knew it, with a heavy focus on manufacturing because of the time
  • Still working on the convergence from manufacturing and systems

Came from robotics institute, Westinghouse before that

  • Went to U. Penn., between engineering and Wharton, funded as a Citibank fellow
  • Most funding comes from industry

Part of research purpose, focus on intellectual property

Educational issues

Masters, service sector 1985 29%, and 2005 now 69%

Master's program, take what you got and build on that, built three classes: one was service information systems


Any measures from hiring companies, are students less effective, and in what area?

  • RPI is ranked modestly in the academic community, but disproportionately high by hiring (#7)
  • Understanding of basic fundamentals

Size of MS degree program

  • Created 3 years ago, came into effect 2 years ago
  • In New York State, have a Regents system, and regent needs to approve every program
  • Haven't been approved yet, it's illegal
  • We develop Ph.D. students, had a student in service design 15 years ago, wouldn't have called it a services degree

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2006/10/06 12:00 Daniel Berg, "Services Research and Education"