Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Intro by Jim Spohrer

Director of ISQU at Carnegie-Mellon University

One of the first maturity models for outsourcing, not just from the supplier side, but also the client's side

Carnegie Melon University

[Bill Hefley]

IS program in university?

  • How about one in the humanities college?
  • Only Carnegie Mellon, and a Belgian University

Have lots of Master's that fit in with SSME

Want to talk about legitimizing what we're doing

  • Made lots of transitions between departments
  • Would like to make it easier for student that for me
  • Member of the American Psychologist Association, have a section on Organization Psychology, and they won't let me be a member

Dealing with interdisciplinary, but also multi-disciplinary, e.g. dealing with an individual consumers

  • Not just what IBM means, where large organizations

Have to have grounding within the discipline, as well as working across disciplines

Where do we publish?

What are the things we can do


  • Don't think should convert everyone, still need specialists, but do need people that can bridge between the tents

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2006/10/06 14:25 Bill Hefley, Carnegie Mellon University