Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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John Murray, University of Dublin, Trinity College, "A Research Based Educational Intiative: The Institute for International Services Innovation"

May risk putting together old content

  • Taylorism
  • May want to be ahistorical

TCD 1582: undergraduate degree, with a moderatorship if honours

  • Should be able to moderate specialists in their fields
  • Should look to past, and replicate a few successes

Second industrial revolution: 1880-1890s, telegraphy, steel, automobiles

  • Becames the canon of management literature, written by Chandler
  • Perhaps another significant tipping point at work

Jim Quinn:  Study of wholesaling systems in Europe

  • Evolutionary view:  most is global, mostly innovations in format and business models, across Europe and into the United States

Approach has to be to start with knowledge creation rather than teaching

  • Dilemma: operating on different time scales
  • Was in Copenhagen, working with TetraPak
  • Is manufacturing becoming a service industry?
  • Time scales, they want answers now

Case study inductive (which later becomes deductive), or action research (which isn't as common, but help people learn)


  • One of most global countries
  • Around 2000, export of products flattened out, and services grew
  • Only 4 million people in Ireland, and per capita figures are misleading, but services is #13 in the world

Found Paul Maglio, phoned him, while Paul drove in his car

  • If also had been driving in Ireland, would have been in the ocean

Origins of the institute is recognition of the service sector growth

  • Sister institute studies globalization
  • Irish Development Authority
  • SSME, IBM Almaden and IBM Ireland

Model: research --> dissemination --> practice

  • Research: Short term research, action research, to longitudinal research
  • Dissemination: Master's, executive development
  • Practice: Evolution of clusters, extent to which innovation in services is geographically sticky

Not just services, but it's multi-level, multi-disciplinary, multi-modal, but ONLY international services

See Ireland as a laboratory

Interested in talking with others who are doing similar work

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2006/10/06 12:55 John Murray, "A Research Based Educational Initiative: The Institute for International Services Innovation"