Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Avishai Mandelbaum, Technion, Israel, "Service Engineering: Data-Based Research and Teaching in Suppot of Service Management"

Started 13 years ago, moving from Stanford to Israel

  • Background: math, networks, queuing theory
  • Started with a little consulting, research
  • Started a research seminar
  • Supplemented with data
  • Compulsory course in industrial engineering

Appreciate simple, useful models

  • Simple model might still require deep analysis

With Wharton, started a repository for call centers:  Models for Call Center Analysis

  • 2.5 years, 220M calls handled by a machine, 40M call handled by a person

Find going back to basic research paradigm (as in physics, biology): measure, model, experiment, validate, refine

Yield scientifically-based design principles

Will focus on one model for this talk: staffing problem

  • 3 to 6 billion people answering phones
  • Staffing based on an Erlang-C model (M/M/n), 1913
  • Another model: Palm/Erlang-A, simple but not too simple

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2006/10/06 16:10 Avishai Mandelbaum, "Service Engineering: Data-Based Research and Teaching in Support of Service Management"