Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Michael E. Gorman,  University of Virginia, "Trading Zones, Interactional Expertise and Service Science"

A psychologist in an engineering school

Kuhn: Problem of incommensurability:

  • experts in an old paradigm can't communicate with those in a new
  • What's a problem; what's a problem worth solving; what's valid date

Galison: Scientists and engineers still work together

  • They working in a trading zone

Three levels of shared expertise in a multidisciplinary trading zone (adapted Collins and Evans)

  • None: speak different languages
  • Interactional: expert in one, mastered enough in other language to facilitate trades
  • Contribution: can go from one domain to another

Crude taxonomy of trading zones (with Matt Mehalik)

State 1: a technological, ideological or political elite

  • e.g. centralized agricultural planning, good for control, bad for producing food

State 2: relatively equal trading zones

  • Actors often trade without boundary objects or across systems
  • Don't need to be aligned, just aligned enough to trade

State 3: shared mental model, similar goals

  • Dynamic representations
  • Towards a cohesive team
  • e.g. developing an Arpanet
  • May not be able to stay in this zone very long

Services science needs development of a creole

  • Need new expertise
  • Need agreement on language
  • Leads to trading zones that understand revenue

SSME as UVA: could play a part in Engineering Business minor, could see transforming this

  • UVA bought a "semester at sea" program, takes students around the world (not just a cruise)

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2006/10/06 17:30 Michael E. Gorman, "Trading Zones, Interactional Expertise and Service Science"