Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Taina Tukiainen,  Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, "Master’s Program for Service Management at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia"

Background in ICT industry, dissertation in ventures

Ventures background means start project quickly

Launch with industry: Nokia and IBM

  • Content development as co-creation

Had half a year to develop and start the program

Have started a research project including IBM, Nokia, Kone, etc., but the focus here is in the class

  • Got approval from the government
  • Initiated with a Business Advisory Board (IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Metso and Bearing Point)

Students:  115 applicants from 20 countries, with ICT background

  • 30 applicants accepted, 8 countries
  • Background, B.Sc. in engineering
  • 3 to 25 years of practical industry experience
  • Classes Thursdays and Fridays, with business people coming in, and international faculty (in 2 weeks will have NJIT)

Curriculum and themes

Pedagogic approach:

  • Thesis industry base, mostly with employers
  • Action-based learning, experiential learning
  • Dialogue and discussion: students are discussion leaders

Examples of industry collaboration:

  • Advisory board
  • Co-creation within industry and people
  • Visiting lectures from industry, maybe easier in Finland
  • Thesis supervision, and coaching: need industry application

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2006/10/06 18:20 Taina Tukiainen, "Master’s Program for Service Management at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia"