Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Christos Nikolaou, University of Crete, "Progress Report on Efforts towards a REsearch and Education Agenda for Services Sciene in the EU and Greece"

When say EU, should say European Commission

Funding, like NSF:

  • Network on complex systems
    • In Europe, primarily a community of physicists, now getting economists and computer scientists interested
    • One day workshop that didn't get anywhere
    • Should be looking at microscopic and operational level
    • Relationship between organizations and services
  • Bridging the business-IT gap



  • Yes, many working groups

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2006/10/07 09:20 Christos Nikolaou, "Progress Report on Efforts towards a Research and Education Agenda for Services Science in the EU and Greece"