Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Guido Dedene, Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Belgium, "A Research and Educational Framework for Service Management"

Also teach in Amsterdam and Gent

  • Officially MBA:  what language do you use for business?

  • Teaching business modeling and service management

Classical management frameworks, including Strategic Alignment 2x2 by Henderson and Venkatraman

Services as a meaningful bundle of technology / resources satisfying a predefined service contract

Threefold division: Preconditions, postconditions and variants

  • Similar to Praxis, Semantics, Syntax
  • Similar to Experience, Services, Resources
  • Similar to Knowledge, Information, Technology

The Service Management Enneahedron (3x3)

  • X-axis: Business, Services, Technology and Resources
  • Y-axis: Strategy, Structure, Operations

First used this framework for service level agreements

  • Operations: Business activities --> I/C Service Activities --> Technology Activities
  • Little's law
  • Boundary conditions for functions

Second application of the framework: course development of ICT/S Service Management

  • Each of alignment of rows, columns, then triangles

Research activities:

  • Service strategy: look for market inperfections, as opportunities
    • Assymetries
    • Solve the imperfection or retain the imperfection
  • Structures vs. execution
    • Looking for ways to discover, from the bottom up


Definition of service?

  • System in which knowledge is mediated, but the knowledge is in praxis
  • Hard services vs. soft services (where break rules)

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2006/10/07 09:40 Guido Dedene, "A Research and Educational Framework for Service Management"