Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Javier Reynoso, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, "The Evolution of Services Management in Latin America: Building an Academic Program"

Three foundations:

  • Scientific development:  What are services in a Latin American content, at the bottom of the pyramid
  • Academic development: Certificate programs
  • Competitiveness of service businesses in Latin America: students in action research projects


  • Need to have a systemic view of services organizations
  • Need to understand distinctions between IT services management and services management
  • Need to integrate management areas before integrating sciences


Services in private sector?

  • Yes, increasing flows into Latin America: airlines, hotels, banks
  • Began under the Salinas regime

Missing services?

Acknowledge different perspectives or find a problem to solve.

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Focus one level at a time, e.g. services science, but what is a science?  Epistemology, philosophy of science

Need to see other service sciences without necessarily IT bias

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2006/10/07 11:05 Javier Reynoso, "The Evolution of Services Management in Latin America: Building an Academic Program"