Services Science, Engineering and Management Conference, at IBM Palisades, October 6-7

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Mary Jo Bitner, Arizona State University, "The Evolution of Services Management in Latin America: Building an Academic Program"

Center for Services Leadership is 20 years old

Strong roots at Center for Services Leadership, have done research, executive programs, MBA programs, Ph.D. programs

  • Depth is in marketing
  • Found that couldn't keep just in marketing, had to learn about business
  • Actionable research, e.g. self-service technologies
  • Focus on the customer:  a hub

Companies aren't all just IT, although IBM has been a big partner for some time

  • For pure services like Marriott and Mayo Clinic to IT Business
  • November 1-3: Compete for Services symposiums

Building from services research, focusing on customer and competiting through service

Recent trans-disciplinary:  information systems, psychology, computer science and informatics

Service Science is an emerging discipline that focuses on fundamental science, models, theories and applications to drive innovation, competition and quality of life thorugh services(s)

  • A big tent

Have had an MBA specialization in services leadership for 10 years

  • Textbook (4th edition)
  • Will be teaching in Shanghai (2006, 2007)
  • Started a cross-disciplinary Ph.D services seminar (2006)
  • Executive programs


  • Moving towards faculty research clusters, e.g. IT services, healthcare

Acceleration factors and challenges

  • Have center and web of companies
  • President of the university, Michael Crow, has a vision of the new American university:  accessible, excellence, impact (as Cafe University)
  • Size: have 63,000 students, will become 90,000 in the next few years


  • Languages across disciplines
  • Reward and incentive structures
  • Funding

At a critical juncture

  • Can't expect IBM to fund this, that's not why we're here
  • Universities have to want to do this


Bigger tent here that I thought.  But then no one person could know everything.  Where does synthesis come from?

  • Agree.  However, universities and governments have never paid attention to services.

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2006/10/07 11:20 Mary Jo Bitner, "Services Science at ASU"