Resilience 2011 --  Resilience, Innovation and Sustainability:  Navigating the Complexities of Global Change -- Second International Science and Policy Conference -- March 11-16, 2011

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[The Domino Effect: A Network Analysis of Regime Shifts Drivers and Causal Pathways - Juan Carlos Rocha Gordo, Reinette Oonsie Biggs and Garry Peterson ]

Anthropocene and the likelihood of regime shifts

Regime shift as a large, abrupt persistent change in the structure and function of a system

  • Looking for policy relevance, as a substantial change in ecosystem services

Global change drivers, definition from MEA 2005

1 What are the major global change drivers of regime shifts?

2. Impacts

3. Cascading effects

Regime shifts database

Policy-relevant regime shifts

  • Reversibility:  Hysteretic, Irreversible, Reversible or Unknown

Network analysis

  • Drivers
  • Processes
  • Measure centrality:
    • Degree, thenumber of edgea a vertex is connected to (Newman 2010): In-degree and out-degree
    • Betweenness, the extent to which a vertex lies on paths between other verticies
    • Eigenvector, vertex is important if directly or indirectly connect to ther vertices that are in turn important (Allesina and Pascual 2009), like Google PageRank

Found only a few drivers have a lot of links

Local centrality as indegree; global centrality as eigenvector

Cascading effects

  • Up to 68 new inconvenient feedback shen coupling regime shift pairs (e.g. marine foodwebs collapse and kelps transitions)

[Regime Shifts in Two Australian Inland Cities, Kalgoorlie and Broken Hill - Helen Allison]

Urban resilience from

  • Metabolic flows
  • Governance networks
  • Social dynamics
  • Built environment

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2011/03/15 11:00 Theme 2: Thresholds and regime shifts in social-ecological systems , "Individual Paper Session 1: Characterizing Regime Shifts: Urban Case Studies and Data", Resilience 2011, Arizona State University